Learn the SECRETS Top CONTRACTOR FIRMS Have Been Using for Years!

Eric Coffie Presents
Free Government Contracting Course
Eric will teach you all the basics on how to sell to the government in this free course!
Your fast track to learn Federal Contracting
In less than 1 hour you'll learn how to...

  • Discovering what is a government contract: uncover your place in this market and seeing where your company fits in 
  • ​Find your perfect buyer: when you know exactly who buy's your services, targeting the customer becomes much easier
  • ​Choose how you want to earn: prime or subcontractor, consultant or reseller; knowing where to start is the roadmap to victory 
  • ​​Selecting the right name: a name can spell victory or defeat; learn how to choose carefully so you can set yourself up for early success
  • ​​What equipment do I need to start: we'll share the top equipment & software recommendations for every budget
  • Understanding the buying process: learn how things really work using a real contract example
  • ​Is this possible: why not only is this possible, now is the best time to get started
  • ​Registering your business: want to know how the proper way to setup a LLC and request a Tax ID #
  • ​Registration and Launch: discover how to setup the business, choose the appropriate codes to maximize revenue, get registered to become eligible for bids and decide which certifications make sense for your business. A complete launch for a newbie getting started today.
Meet Eric Coffie

Eric the host of the Govcon Giants Podcast, founder and CEO of GovconEDU learning. 
His mantra is, "teaching everyday people how to win extraordinary contracts". 

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